Design, Print & Mail Pricing

We offer multiple options for your postcards & mailing pieces. Below is basic pricing. Please remember to include all requested services when calculating your price. If we are designing, printing & mailing your marketing piece, you will incur design, database creation (if applicable), printing, postage & processing charges.

Door Hanger Design Cost$45+
Door Hanger Print CostCall for Pricing

Postcard Design Cost

Listed/Sold 1 Property Featured$45
          Future 1 Property Card Using the Same Design$25
Listed/Sold 2 to 4 Properties Featured$55
Listed/Sold 5+ Properties Featured$65+
Custom Postcard (includes concept & design)$50+
Added Value Postcard (includes research/verification & design)$65+
EDDM Postcard Design$75+

Postcard Printing Specs
Less than 500: Full color, 2 sided, 100# gloss card stock
500+: Full color, 2 sided, 14pt UV coated, full bleed

Postcard Printing Cost

8.5 x 5.5 (1 to 999)43¢ each
8.5 x 5.5 (1000)27¢ each
11 x 4.5 (1 to 999)47¢ each
11 x 4.5 (1000)24¢ each
11 x 6 (1 to 999)65¢ each
11 x 6 (1000)38¢ each
4.25 x 5.5 (1 to 999)25¢ each
4.25 x 5.5 (1000)14¢ each

Database Cost

Listed/Sold or Farm Database, Simple Search$5/Subdivision
Listed/Sold or Farm Database, Criteria Requested Search$10+

** Adding criteria to search increases search time which increases price. Examples: eliminating homes sold in the last 2 years, eliminating active agents, using specific streets, year built, schools, price range, etc.

Apartment, Business Type or Other Specific DatabasesPer Bid

Processing Cost

Bulk Rate Postcard Processing Up to 999 Pieces12¢ each
Bulk Rate Postcard Processing 1000 to 1999 Pieces10¢ each
Bulk Rate Postcard Processing 2000+ Pieces8¢ each
1st Class Postcard Processing21¢ each
Envelope ProcessingPer Bid

Postage Cost

Bulk Rate Postage (200 piece minimum)28¢ to 33¢ each
1st Class Jumbo Postcard & Envelope Postage58¢ each
1st Class Standard Postcard Postage40¢ each
Bulk Rate 1st Class Jumbo & Envelope Postage (500 piece minimum)43¢ to 49¢ each
Bulk Rate 1st Class Standard Postcard Postage (500 piece minimum)31¢ to 33¢ each
EDDM Postage (must mail to ENTIRE carrier route)20¢ each

Additional Cost

Print Processing & Mailing 2-3 File Copies to You$5
Priority Mail Printed Cards to You$9.50+
Trip to Post Office for 1st Class Stamps or Priority Mail$5

Quick Pricing Guide for Jumbo (8.5 x 5.5) Postcards
100 Listed/Sold Cards w/ Design, Database, Printing, Processing & 1st Class Postage
$172 ($152 if using your previous Listed/Sold Design)
          Design, Database, Printing, Processing & First Class Postage
Below Pricing Includes: Design, Database, Printing, Processing & Bulk Rate Postage
200 Listed/Sold Cards: $216 ($196 if using your previous Listed/Sold Design)
300 Cards with Added Value Design: $319
500 Cards with Added Value Design: $485
1000 Cards with Added Value Design: $720

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