Mailing Databases

What’s your time worth? Are you labeling, stamping & standing in line at the post office when you could be procuring new business, reaching out to past clients or handling other dollar productive activities? KNOCK IT OFF! We can do all of this for you while you handle the important stuff! Did we mention that you can use our bulk mailing services & the entire process will cost LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A FIRST CLASS STAMP??!!

Bulk Mail

  • Postage starts at 28¢ each (vs 58¢ each for first class postage)
  • 200 piece minimum required by Post Office
  • Multiple zip codes across US or TX is okay
  • Postage costs based on the makeup of your database (all 1 zip is 28¢ each—add other zips & postage can increase by pennies)
  • We use our bulk mail permit & mail from Addison, TX

Processing Fees

Our fee to complete the task & includes: ink-jetting the addresses directly on your mail piece, sorting, boxing, completing necessary paperwork & delivering to the Post Office.

  • Bulk Postcard Processing Fees
    Up to 999 pieces is 12¢ each
    1000 to 1998 pieces is 10¢ each
    2000+ call for pricing
  • Bulk Envelope Processing Fees
    Per bid—call for pricing

Postage/Mailing Options
We will guide you on the most economic mailing option for your particular needs. We offer

  • EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailing)
  • Standard Bulk (200 piece minimum)
  • First Class Bulk (500 piece minimum)
  • First Class
Design, Print & Mail Pricing

Important Note
Bulk rate postage & EDDM postage is less expensive because it is mailed AFTER first class. The post office has LONGER to deliver these pieces & it could take up to 10 business days for them to arrive in mailboxes. Time sensitive mailings (open houses etc) should be mailed first class. Just like first class mail, bulk mail has the potential to be lost or delayed once it is delivered to the Post Office.